Tuesday, 22 October 2013

züny - leather animals

züny - leather animals

Zuny is the combination of Zoo and Funny
Please be carefull to not play with them ! because on  Zuny website I found a note " Zuny is not a toy " ! ;) 
but functional product, designed to decorate your house. 

  I saw first time züny  at the Dutch debijenkorf, and I really liked it. It's not only looking good, its pleasure to touch it and its heavy ;) maybe that's why it's not a toy, because it can be difficult to cary it by a small child. 

Züny products are categorized into series, Zuny classic , Zuny Series and Zuny Cicci. The first one is designed mainly leather-based: such as black, white , brown and tan, and have an elegance and timeless appearance. Significant difference is each animal has eyes. Zuny Series is more colorful and abstract to give more imagination, and the Cicci mean " chubby objects" in Italian, and has the most funny look. 

" … Every animal looks slightly different because they are hand-sewn stitch.
 With which, it makes every animal unique…. " 

züny - leather animals

züny - leather animals
 leather animals made by züny

Good design is also well-packed….
penguin züny

photo 1 - mokkasin   photo 3/4 - nord-design