Monday, 7 October 2013

favorite designer /part 1 - Benjamin Hubert

Pelt chair Benjamin Hubert
Cradle  Benjamin Hubert
Cradle  Benjamin Hubert
Coracle  Benjamin Hubert

London based Benjamin Hubert is for me one of the most talented young generation designer at the moment. He already worked for big companies like de la espada and moroso, and also created his own line of lamps. I absolutely adore his way of working with materials and starting each project in a new way. You can see the amazing quality in details of his furniture. Here interview with him : its-all-about-brand-benjamin-hubert-at-dezeen-live . His website is looking also amazing, so take time to have a look : 
It's a real treat of beauty and funcionality . 

Benjamin Hubert in the studio

On the pictures : 

Benjamin Hubert models
Benjamin Hubert in the studio

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