Monday, 9 September 2013

Masterclass Fotografie & Styling

ran by Anouk Brands and Wendy van Woudenberg this Thursday.

 I'm very exited to meet this two inspirited ladies, which I only know from the internet. Anouk is a stylist with a very strong taste and style. You can just step by her site ANOUKBRANDS to have the feeling. Her style is mostly black&white but with a lot of personal touch and influences from different fields and cultures. Wendy has a blog BEELDSTEIL with minimalist look and scandinavian touch. The Photography & Styling class will be run at Toonkamer in Utrecht, so it's also very interesting place to see. 

I'm curious how the ladies work and looking forward to learn as much as possible. 
Wish me luck!

First photo : Styling: for