Sunday, 1 September 2013

101woonideeen voor kinderen

The latest issue of the Dutch magazine 101woonideeen
 is bringing a big amount of color inspiration for children's rooms. 

My 7 years old son told me very recently that white, gray and black are the saddest colors on the planet! He doesn't really understand why our house is so monochromatic and why I paint all walls so dark gray. It was very confronting I have to confess. I do love colors, but not much in the interiors. I was trying to explain to my boy, that the white and gray are a good base to play with colors in his room…and when he got few new colorful pillows he was getting smile on his face. He announced : "colors make me happy" ! 

When I saw these colorful photos in 101woonideeen , I thought, yes some people do it so bravely and they go for such a strong yellow and neons , are you? I spot stars all over : on the wallpaper, bedding and floor…. 

desk for child vtvonen collection
DIY table for children
photo's :  Sjoerd Eickmans / styling Kim van Rossenberg

Our boys' room was published in this issue, 
under instagram action run by the magazine few weeks ago! 
The one in the corner with the wooden bunk bed and some blue is ours ;)