Monday, 8 July 2013

Unisex room for two kids

room for two kids
Susanna Vento via: nordicdesign
room for two kids black&white
bunk bed in white
scandinavian children room with bunk bed
via: caisak

I think the pink for girls and blue for boys is over ;-) 
It's really time to look differently and try to use other colors. The most easy way to create unisex room will be use the natural tones and materials, like I am showing you on the pictures….but, of course kids love colors so they might not be so happy with that 'boring' choice. The other nice option will be to create black and white room, great for boy and a girl, and then a splash of bold, basic colors, which give the personal touch to it. What will be your favorite color for a unisex room for two kids ? I'm curious. 

Here you can find more tips how to create a unisex bedroom for kidsinteriorcollective 

nursery room in white