Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Rafa-kids set F&A whitewash for two girls

Rafa-kids set F&A whitewash for two girls

Rafa-kids set F&A whitewash for two children

I'm a mom of two boys, so probably subconsciously I go for more boys' style elements in our Rafa-kids design. If someone will ask me what girls have in their rooms, I will have to think twice, before I will give you an answer ;-) When I was a child , I was always playing with boys and I don't remember having any pink or princess time in my life. My mom was also pretty cool with making more unisex costumes for me. Accully I have always felt that I will have sons myself. 

So now, when I have to think about some ideas to decorate a girl's room with our Rafa-kids beds, it's not so straightforward. This is our first photo session with F&A beds in whitewash color. I hope you like it….

I was trying to imagine simple, beautiful design objects for a modern girl's room. The linen plaid (on the bunk bed)  makes it more soft and the coral color is so beautiful with blue. I'm such a big fun of Bloomingville plaid with crosses in neon. Soft and very comfy.  After Summer brake ( which starts for us on Friday and will take 3 weeks) I will come back to you with much, much more ideas to inspire you. 

Big thanks to Loods5 for support. 
If you like any of the products you can find them here in NL : 
 " Nobody chair " from HAY, Unfold pedant lamp black from MUUTO , 
milk small lamp, clock, cotton ball lights : all at Loods5
Pillows and blue plaid - Zara home
Plaid and pillow with cross pattern  Bloomingville at debijenkorf