Sunday, 10 February 2013

weekend and instagram

I was thinking that instagram, is definitely not a place for me.  ( Instagram is an application on iPhone which makes a nice photo's for you ;-) and there is a big community of people who like to use it. You can comment and follow people you like ;-) I'm introvert person who doesn't like to show much about private life to the public, but slowly I started to get used to instagram, and look at other designers, stylists, photographers or bloggers, daily photo's and I found so much beauty and inspiration! I started to try to capture some moments of my life and I like it! This weekend I was visiting the Object Rotterdam , had some times with my family…and a very good coffee for myself ;-) I wish you a good week. 


  1. I must admit Im Instagram addict, its full. I think if used wisely is a great field of inspiration and I like this that people look at life through pictures insted of meaningless posts.

  2. Not only meaningless posts but also perfect images, which I start to be tired of. I wish to be more real ;-) but it's not so easy. You got a new follower on instagram.

  3. I have been like you, hesitant to join but probably will jump in soon. Also, so nice to hear a fellow introvert speak of privacy issues, I am with you on this need to hold things near.
    Also, congrats on the magazine, that's great :)

    1. Thank you for "showing " your face here, so nice to hear from you. Best. Agata