Sunday 24 February 2013

ADO speelgoed & Ko Verzuu

my busy boys….

For a long time I haven't seen such a magnificent exhibition! 
The wooden toys are wonderful, the space welcome so well children, they can do toys by themselves and can play with them too. The ADO speelgood ( toys) first catalog is from 1932 ! Can you imagine ? They are so modern! All ADO toys were made in Tuberculosis Sanatorium, in Berg en Bosch, close by Apeldoorn. The patients, instead of going on walks, spend four hours per day working - if possible at they own job. Ko Verzuu, was appointed head of men's work therapy. Father of 11 children! Like you can imagine, they tested and played with all prototypes. Ko Verzuu brought to a Dutch market something very unique. ADO original toys are not in production any more and become collectors items ….4 of us like them so much! 

You can see the exibision here : Tentoonstellingen - Coda Museum - AdoSpeelgoed 
I highly recommend it ;-)