Thursday, 15 November 2012

Place - de Hofbogen Rotterdam


Here there is right next to where I live the longest building of the Netherlands - de Hofbogen (1,9 km). It is an old viaduct carrying a railway across the city of Rotterdam. I put info under the post if you would like to read more about it. When I moved to the north part of the city 3 years ago, the train was still operating. It felt a bit New Yorkish ;) Now is the silence and big plans to rebuild the upper, free part. You can see on few pictures, that one part of the viaduct is already new, and there is an intention to transform the whole structure into a great part of the city. Under the arches there is a lot of space, used in many different ways, for creative, commercial purposes, furniture makers, architect's offices, studios etc…..and guess what, I always dreamed that maybe one day, there will be place here for me too!  It's still hard to believe, but we work on it, to make this really, really happen…but pssst, just please keep your fingers crossed for us!