Thursday, 1 November 2012

Andel's hotel in Lodz Poland

If you ever go to visit Lodz in Poland and you want to treat yourself with luxury, then I will send you to Andel's hotel. After 1200 km of driving from Holland I was happy to leave kids with their grandmother in Wroclaw and choose to stay at this place in Lodz. It is an old factory adapted to a hotel with a nice swimming pool and spa at the rooftop. I don't remember last time staying alone with my man at the hotel ;-) I admit we enjoyed it so much. Especially the long breakfast and the feeling that we really didn't have to do anything…


  1. These Rafa Kids Collection is amazing , Thanks so much for this fun collection jokesfb

  2. Very inspiring place... I should try...

  3. wow..this hotel seems to be beautiful..

    (I really like your journal)