Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Pop up generation at Museum Moti

The Pop-Up Generation - Design Between Dimensions is a fantastic exhibition preparted by Lidewij Edelkoort. Because it is the last week when it is shown at the MOTI Museum of the Image in Breda I though we had to go! So we did it yesterday on the 2nd Easter day - and actaully it was a great idea for both kids and parents in the grey rainy dutch day. The museum itself has a great modern look which I really like. It mainly shows an overview of 100 years of Dutch Graphic Design. The Pop-Up Generation exhibition presents designers and artists who, in collaboration with industry from the province of Brabant, are doing research into new ways of working and techniques. You can read more here : exhibition The Pop-Up Generation. My son really likes the work of Camille Scherrer - Le Monde des Montagnes , it was pretty difficult to get him out from the place where he could play with it ;-) and I really enjoyed the work of other artists like: Anna Garforth, Eric Ku and Eley Kishimoto.