Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Inspiratie – artist – designer Kellie Smits

I should have started my blog with this post. That’s how my interest in the blogging world began.
Some time ago I saw a house of Kellie Smits in a magazine vtwonen. I didn’t know, who she was, so I started my internet search. I was reading, reading, and reading, finding more, and more interesting web pages about design, and about great people behind it.
I got really inspired by all of it, I still do.
Kellie Smits is artist and designer standing behind a company cold Buisjes en Beugels  BB+++ 
a Dutch designer label focused on kids.
You can read about her, on one of my favourites web pages:.  bloesem  and  pirouetteblog.

Kellie Smits, is just introducing her new beautifull product: the INSECT table! 

materials from www.buisjesenbeugels.nl/