Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Book- Mijn doedel boek.

“Mijn doedel boek”, originally from Germany- “Kritzelbuch” publish by Leminiscaat in the Nederland; it’s made by Frankfur am Main, living artists. Inside are only black and white drawings, and children have to finish them. I find it great in helping to get to know your own personality and see what you have in mind. Super.

 You can see water drops all over the page– who is going under the shower?

 Empty plate, with fork and knife – what is your favorite pizza?
 artist working on the book :
Kirsten Fabianski, Zuni Fellehner, Christopher Fellehner, Anke Kuhl, Jorg Muhle, Moni Port, Natascha Vlahovic, Philip Waechter and Claudia Weikert.