Tuesday, 31 May 2016

This is my Happy Place

string shelf in children room
Rafa-kids F&R bed set in siblings room
Rafa-kids F bed in siblings room
Rafa-kids F&R bed set in siblings room - Sweden
world under the bunk bed for a smaller child

I’m always so exited to see our Rafa-kids furniture in ‘real’ children’s rooms. This time it is even more special, since we can see how our furniture is growing with them when time passes. Two years ago I showed you this playful toddler room in Sweden: Antoines-Leonors-Room.  Peggy, mom of 4, created this room for her little boy Antoine and his little sister Leonor. Rafa-kids bed become part of this creative playground for children. Now, the little boy is not so small anymore. He is 6 and shares a new room with his sister Leonors who is 3 1/2 now. 

As their mom explained, she tried to put first a bigger bed next to the toddler bed, but the arrangement didn’t really work well.  We could not imagine a better option, than adding the F bunk bed above the toddler bed!  What I like the most about this set of beds, is the chance to create a little world under the bunk bed  for a younger sibling. Peggy did it so well.  Leonors sleeping area is looking so cosy and inviting. I’m sure it is for her a safe territory where she feels good and hopefully sleeps well!  
You can read personal story of Peggy and how she created this room here: 
Antoine-Leonors-bedroom.  Thank you for the lovely pictures! 

string shelf in kids room
creative and cosy siblings room in Sweden