Sunday, 22 May 2016

NEW Rafa-kids A teen BED

Rafa-kids A teen bed 90cmx200cm
Boy's room - Rafa-kids

Finally we are ready to show you Rafa-kids NEW A teen bed!  
Following so many requests from our customers to make our classic A teen bed in bigger sizes, we are so happy to introduce A90 and A120 beds. The new sizes are respectively: 200x90cm and 200x120cm wide.  

We created this playful boys space, to show you how nice it is to have a bed in the middle of the room. It’s simple and elegant design makes the biggest piece of furniture in a bedroom almost disappear. The bed is very low, so visually doesn’t take much space and you will have so much pleasure to decorated it. Pillows and plaids, favourite cuddles and personal belongings will definitly take a first place in the room. Since the bed doesn’t have any headboard, it also makes it very flexible to position in a room. 
I can only say- Let’s play with it! 

Boy's room - Rafa-kids K desk and A teen bed 90x200cm

Boy's room - Rafa-kids K desk and A teen bed 90x200cm
K desk Rafa-kids