Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Danish minimalism

table and chairs set from oliverfurniture from Denmark
leander linea modern childrens babies furniture
oliverfurniture bed

It is not a secret that the Danish has a deep tradition in designing amazing furniture pieces. 
They cary some of the best classic design furniture for kids too. You can discover the Juno bed here , which is one of the best furniture for the little ones since a long time.  It never goes out of style. 

I’m showing you today two Danish companies carrying kids’ furniture  : Leander and Oliverfurniture. I think they are taking a new wave in development. I talked about Oliverfurniture in 2013 here, and this brand was looking to me very tradition then, so it is nice to see that they are bringing the company into the new modern stage. 
Leander refreshes its brand with  new furniture line called Linea. The new collection includes essentials for a baby: cradle, changing table and a dresser.  I personally really like the transformed version of the the cot for toddler into a sofa. All the pictures are very minimal and modern, which is very refreshing. What do you think about all this colour possibilities to use in children’s rooms? They are absolutely beautiful and I would like to try some of them in our Rafa-kids stylings. 

danish childrens furniture leander
leander new furniture
Pictures via: petitandsmall