Monday, 25 January 2016

Monday inspiration - Blush Pink in children’s rooms

Blush Pink in children’s rooms

Blush Pink in children’s rooms
Soft Gallery fashion label for children
Blush Pink furniture

Today I’m going out of my comfort zone. Really! I do not like pastel colours much and pink in particular. Seeing interiors for children (grills mainly) with all this cheerful and sunny colour tones is not really my cap of tea.  When I was a little girl I never really liked it and I was more tom-boy as you will say now. On top of that, I have two sons now, so my more soft side had no real chance to develop…
but today I would like to talk Blush Pink

I have a feeling that the Blush Pink with the right combination of other stronger colours can look fresh and playful. My favourite combination will be with darker grey tones, but you would not see that much in children deco. I decided to show you a very nice Blush pink with splash of gold or yellow and also natural textures of wood or metal. All the rooms look very cosy to me with good dose of colour which doesn’t feel like ‘to much’ but it’s modern and elegant

Blush Pink in children’s rooms - Olivier Furniture
Blush Pink wall
Blush Pink with yellow children’s room
Blush Pink wall decoration
 Blush Pink in children’s rooms - bibbelote bedding
Blush pink in children rooms - colon studio toddler bed

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