Friday, 8 January 2016

favorite stylist part 5 - Kim van Rossenberg

Kim van Rossenberg styling for vtwonen
stylist Kim van Rossenberg for vtwonen

It is finally Friday and I can relax and do something I really like….look for inspirations for my blog. 

You asked me where I take my inspiration from. There are many different ways I get inspired, so let’s start with the first one. Favourite stylists, yes, I follow them on INSTAGRAM, Pinterest and I look for their latest work in magazines and books. Today I would like to show you work of Kim van Rossenberg, who I came across in the Dutch VTwonen magazine. She really likes to work with natural materials and colours, and is a big fun of DIY. What always catches my eye and what I like the most about her style, is that she tries to bring some new ideas and show products in a fresh way. Look at the ladder , which she used in a children room. What a great way to divide a room in a transparent way, child can climb on it, but also hang favourite toys and garment. And do you like the big wardrobe painted half dark and half white, exactly the same as the wall? Such a brilliant idea, to soft the look of such a dominant furniture in a room.  It doesn’t take so much attention anymore and look just so nicely as a part of the child’s room. 
Looking at other stylist’s work, doesn’t mean I wan’t to do exactly the same thing of course, but it gives me sort of fresh wind and inspires me to also try my own ideas and to experiment. 
Thank you Kim for your great inspiration! Kim van Rossenberg on Instagram

stylist Kim van Rossenberg for vtwonen
stylist Kim van Rossenberg for vtwonen
stylist Kim van Rossenberg for vtwonen
stylist Kim van Rossenberg for vtwonen

Pictures via: vtwonen 
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