Sunday, 3 January 2016


Welcome in New Year.

A new start…light and blank space in front of us, which feels like beautiful welcome for new ideas and challenges. I really like this time of the year, 
because it’s so easy to believe that all the new and good things are so close to my reach 
and that’s all I want is possible. Do you feel that too ?  

Making plans for 2016 makes me so exited. If you wrote my blog post: living-in-old-school 
you probably know, I’m looking for a new home for our family. In January 2016, we will know for sure if the place we found can be ours, and we believe this will be a start of a new journey for us. 
This year will bring us into our 40ties and we wish to celebrate it with an exotic trip…
but for now, I can’t tell you any more. 

There are many new ideas and plans for Rafa-kids brand in 2016
New furniture which we already working on and some exited collaborations.  Oh yes! We also hope to welcome a new people into our creative team.  Yes - look for a sign - we are hiring very soon.  
Rafa-kids stock will grow substantially and we’ve already made some logistics improvements, which will hopefully give us more space for creative work and to be with you! 

I can’t wait to start the journey! 

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