Monday, 9 December 2013

XO game by Rafa-kids

xo game rafa-kids

xo game rafa-kids

xo game rafa-kids

Loft bed and teener bed Rafa-kids

Please say hello to our new simple XO game, which we've just added to Rafa-kids collection
During the summer we had a photo session of our F&A beds, and this idea of making XO game came to us. 
It took us a while to actually create a new product out of it, but today there it is.

It's a simple set of 5 crosses + 5 circles made out of thick felt, 
a roll of masking tape and a yellow bag to store it all. 
We can play with it endlessly. XO GAME

xo game rafa-kids
xo game rafa-kids

Here is a sneak peek from a photo session. It was made last Thursday in our studio…a cold day, but I think we managed to make some cool pictures for you! 
Thank you Asymmetree for helping us to bring this XO to live! 
photosesion for xo game rafa-kids