Sunday, 1 December 2013

favorite blog - AMM

Boy room - Jennifer Taylor Hagler photo
child rocker - Jennifer Taylor Hagler photo/design

I like minimal spaces, clean, well organized, with a lot of white…it gives me a lot of rest. So many times I have to give up on it, because of my two little monsters running around, and having totally different idea of using the space ;-) and things having at home. Do you know the feeling, when you just paint a white wall, and in a few days you will see this nice fatty hand prints on the wall? 
I always wonder how she makes it all so beautiful. It makes me try better and believe in own style and not giving up! Jennifer is having beautiful jewelry store and very recently together with twigcreative created this child rocker. There is a giveaway on her blog  - so run to have a chance and win it! 

Jennifer Taylor Hagler photo
Jennifer Taylor Hagler photo

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