Monday, 16 December 2013

spross toddler bed & moormann style

Spross toddler bed by Christoffer Martens

was one of the first toddler beds I discovered a long time ago and I really liked it.  It is coming from Christoffer Martens , designed in 2008. It's a bed which you put together with no screws - which is one of the characteristics of the " Moormann Style " . So simple but at the same time has this asymmetric twist in design and playful look. ( available also in white and black) 
Nils Holger Moormann , has been one of the protagonist of the  " New German Design" school producing and selling products from young , unknown designers. The main principles are simplicity, intelligence and innovation. I selected only  few my favorite furniture from they big collection. I'm attached to they esthetic and concept a lot. Don't miss they great catalogs!

Christoffer Martens bed