Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Spring collection - Restoration Gardware Baby&Child

Restoration Gardware is an exclusive and classic interior&furniture brand from America. 
You might be a bit surprise to see it on my modern blog! ;-) but please don't! I just love some of the ideas for children's rooms and would like to share it with you. The theme in children's rooms :  maps - travel - nature is so beautiful. I'm totally into the big poufs with different patterns and textures. Especially the ones on the first photo. I would love to have puffs in Rafa-kids collection. The metal baskets hanging on the wall are such a clever idea. If you have nice bedding and pillows why to hide them in the wardrobe? I never liked the animal's heads hanging on the wall , but this ones are a small exception. You can have a look at all catalog of Restoration Gardware Baby&Child , there are many interesting details to discover….

great storage idea  

love the puffs and lamps !!!  
animals and maps