Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Hanging hooks

Do you use hanging hooks in your home? 
I'm a bit obsessed with it since I don't have any wall to put it on ;-) What I like about all this hanging hooks is  the presence they have on a wall. Most of the wall mounted hooks systems can look a little lonely , and this ones have a great graphic impact on the space. 

The most I like the wooden hooks designed by Staffan Holm for HAY. They are fanny and functional, with a beautiful colors. The second choice will go to a Dutch company HKliving, which offers round wooden dots with lather cross inside, in 3 sizes and many colors. I have just discover on their instagram , that they will add a new cross hanging hooks to their collection , and I think it is going to be a hit ;-) I can't forget about the classic muuto wooden hooks