Wednesday 29 May 2013

Rafa-kids photo styling workshop with Paulina Arcklin

We just did our first photo session in a new Rafa-kids studio! 

Stylist and photographer Paulina Arcklin came to Rotterdam to make with us the photo styling workshop. Do you remember my post about: picture-this-concept-by-paulina-arcklin ?  It was a 'brain storming' time when we planed and talked a lot about how to show our new A teener bed and a set of F&R beds

Since a while we were preparing some big steps with Rafa-kids concept and one of it was a big need for a studio. I was just desperate for a place where we can work, make more pictures of our design & ideas and welcome people to meet us and see our products. It all came not in a very easy way….but we finally have amazing, loft, industrial space ! Paulina did amazing job to show how she works and how you plan, style and make professional pictures. We are hungry for more, but I think it's just a start . I'm very impatient person and want to have all in ones and the best of course, as soon as possible  but I have to take a  breath  and keep making little but important steps.

I hope you like our teener room idea. I think it belongs to a very sophisticated boy , but also very relax one, who enjoys life. The gray tones are so soft and calm. We wanted to show that our A teen bed can also be part of a comfortable day routine. It is a nice hang out pleace and not just a bed you push to the corner of a room. We  chose affordable accessories to show that you can create a stylish room with great atmosphere whithout spending a fortune :) Products we used for the photo's session :

Teener bed from Rafa-kids :  A teen bed + mattress
Gray bedding set and plaid : H&M 
Pillows and wooden hooks : HKLiving 
Chair and lamp - ikea 
Knitted dark baskets - Loods5
jeans, T-shirt , books and orange shoes belongs to Arek ;-) and he made the A letter.

You can find more great pictures from the workshop at Paulina blog