Thursday, 18 April 2013

Krethaus - modern furniture for children from Argentina

When I saw Krethouse for the first time a while ago, I was so jealous! 
Yes, jealous, that this modern and young company has already so many products (I can't find when they exactly started. Their website says 2013! ) they not only have beds for children, they have desk, and a table, an bedside cabinet and so many accessories: bedding, pillows, plaids , rugs - almost all things which you need to decorate a nursery or child's room. I think it will take Rafa-kids 10 years to achieve such a big collection ;-) ! One thing is of course big budget to do something like that but the second is, that a good design just TAKES TIME! We need around one year to market a good design product… 

Krethaus is based in Buenos Aires and they are definitely going for a simple, modern look , using wood and natural materials for their accessories. Soft and elegant I will say.