Monday, 15 April 2013

Give the furniture second life - Secondalinea

We are so much into finishing our Rafa-kids studio at the moment. 
Every day we would like to go and do something out there. We see that we're almost there.  

When I saw this simple, raw and full of space, studio of Francesca Danna Costa and Giovanni Mazza, I was in love. You don't need so many things to create character and beauty, if the space have a soul already, I think. This italian studio Secondalinea is giving second life to old furniture, some of them you see on the photos: re-used wood, old industrial pieces and a lot of space to breathe. I really could work there!  
Photo's are from Secondalinea blog made by photographer - Fabrizio Cicconi. 

Secondalinea studio you can also find in the May ELLE Desoration NL.