Friday 19 April 2013

At home with Le Dans La

I discovered the magic world of ledansla blog  2 years ago, 
at the very beginning of my own blogging history. Stylist and photographer Aurélie Lécuyer is capturing her every day life in a beautiful way. Actually you never have the chance to see her all house, you see only details, her 2 children plying ( and a new born very recently!)  It is sort of a secret way to watch her life.  That's how it is for me. 
When I saw for the first time her ALL house at thesocialitefamily this week, the charm was over! ;-) no , it wasn't,  it just finally gave me a new perspective. My first feeling was - what an  amazing open and full of light space ! Then step by step, you will discover all the textures, objects which I already knew from her blog. 
I hope you like it too. 

all pictures via : thesocialitefamily