Thursday, 15 December 2011

Vitra for kids / part 2 - Uten.Silo

It's time for the second part of our Vitra series which I stared here : vitra-for-kids-part-1-hang-it-all Today Uten.Silo wall-mounted organizer. It was designed by Dorothee  Becker, wife of Ingo Maurer ( his Zettel'z lamp is one of my all time favorite! ) Vitra Design Museum produces both the original 1969 version of Uten.Silo (Uten.Silo I) and a smaller one dating from 1970 (Uten.Silo II). I can see this classic piece going  throughout children room from babyhood to the teenage years (holding all the different things kids need in all ages) . Actually it could really work anywhere in the house. Available in white, red and black, it comes in two sizes and is definitelly a design classic. 

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