Friday, 30 December 2011

Memory game - Nora von der Decken

Today another memory-game. This time from an artist Nora von der Decken. Sometimes I think we can do it from any kind of drawing or photos, it is such a great toy! Nora von der Decken created 96 cards (5x5cm) in limited edition of 500, inspiried by Mannaputs concept:
 " Mannaputs " is a project she is working on since February 2006. Nora is painting small (8x8cm) paintings , each is uniquely named and numbered . The small works are placed in different locations to be picked up and encouraged to keep by whoever finds them. Nora also frequently gives them to traveling friends to distribute in strange lands. Placement is documented with photographs. This is an ongoing project and will be continued indefinitely. I really like it. 

official site of Nora  :

Thank you MiMa!  I founded it via your comment on my blog ;-)