Monday, 12 December 2011

Dutch Design - Recycling Christmas tree

Passing by my local florist I noticed many Christmas trees made out of reused wood. Recycling concept for Christmas sounds really great to me. It looks like Dutch like it too.  They will say 'stoer' which I don't know how to translate - something like robust, natural and strong design which goes well with their culture.
The collage on the wall is made by Jane Schouten . Talented artists who loves to do her work by hand and make it personal and special. " Everything has been found , made, re-styled with lots of love and pleasure " . This can be a nice project to do with kids, which just love to collect all the small treasures. Time to show them on the wall for Christmas ;-) 
The second tree is made by Ingrid Jansen which I was presenting already here : also really great and different decoration to make! The last one I founded in some Dutch internet shop with many similar robust design objects : Its a great concept - you can open and close this wooden tree , the sticks are moving - it also takes little space in storage, And how nice the old recycled wood is looking with a 'soft' decoration!
 Simple and ecological.