Monday, 29 August 2016

Blue Half Painted Walls in children’s rooms

Half Painted Walls in children’s room
Half Painted Walls in children’s room
Cosy sleeping corner - Half Painted Walls in children’s room

We are back to our Monday’s posts with inspiring children’s rooms. 
Today I would like to show you two trends in one post
Did you notice such a popular idea of half painted walls in a room ? 
Well, I like it a lot especially in children spaces. 

How to do it ? It is good to select one or two walls and after paining it create around it an unique atmosphere for your child. Putting the bed next to the wall can be a great deal , since it creates immediately a cosy sleeping corner.  A little chair, night shelf and you got it! I’ve also found some nice examples for using half painted wall for a child’s working corner.  Wall painted half, will make room look a bit smaller so I think it is more suitable for spaces with high ceilings. 

Second trend I’ve noticed is the use of DARK BLUE colour in home deco. It is so beautiful! Great refreshment after the black ones, don’t you think?  I secretly hope it will be popular colour for this up coming Autumn.  Let’s combine it with ochre, mustard and brown or even yellow. All the rooms I’ve selected have this very pure and serene looks. Not much furniture, products, just some very essentials - so simple. It gives a rest, so good for our little ones. Let’s calm them down a bit, if possible! 

vintage desk for children
F&A beds from Rafa-kids
working corner for children - half painted wall
teenager room

Thank you for the inspiration - Pictures credits  :  1 - 2 - 3 - 4 & 5 & 6 - 7