Saturday, 9 July 2016

Makii from Rotterdam

A TEEN BED WHITE with Makii wall sticker
K desk Rafa-kids with  Makii elephant wall sticker

Sometimes  I think: ‘what a small world’ ….especially when I discover local designers and realise they almost walk the same street as I do. It happens to me with Jessica Nielsen and now also with other Rotterdam based, graphic design brand - Makii. Already in 2013 illustrators Idris van Heffen en Mielo Pouwer started their brand called - Makii. Makkelijk in Dutch means - easy, and we often say to our kids , if something doesn’t need to much work,…..ohhhh this is “ makii ”, so I really like the name which is easy to remember. Makii strives to create fresh and creative products for children. Their collection includes large colouring pages, wall stickers, posters and postcards. Few weeks ago we were exited to see our furniture taking part in a photoshoot for their new lookbook. Rafa-kids A teen bed in white and K desk in natural finish were taken and beautifully styled by Cynthia Schrijver  and photographed by Bart Brussee. The final pictures are very summery and fresh, don’t you think ? 

I hope you enjoy your weekend! 

Makii large colouring pages for children
Makii large colouring pages for children
Makii large colouring pages for children

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