Monday 2 February 2015

what white children's room need

white paint

off-white paint colour
happy lights and a teen bed from Rafa-kids
white girl room with a splash of delicate colours
Australian store shelter 7- kids part

On Mondays I want to inspire you with some ideas to decorate children’s rooms. 
We had a blue Monday 2 weeks  ago :  blue-in-childrens-room
and today I have for you a nice splash of colour in white children's rooms. 

White base in kids’ deco is in my option a good start if you are not ready to make decision to paint entire room or just a wall in colour. Such a white space, is clean, fresh and ready to play with.  Like you can see on the first 2 pictures, the walls and floors are preserved white, also the furniture. What makes the rooms personal ? Big, colourful lamps and decorative blanket on the bed, which are the eye catchers of the space. On the 3rd photo we have colourful wall hangers and bedding with a lot of patterns, also the little side tables are grouped together  for a playful effect. 

The children’s rooms I’m showing you bellow are also with white walls, but they have mostly wooden floors. What are the simple accessories to play and use in white rooms ? Wall stickers (easy to remove when you get tired of it) personal postcards put into the wall with washi tape, little garland and of course different colours of pillows.  A colourful lamp or a chair will do the job too. I really like the last picture with blue bed. I wouldn’t dare to put yellow sheets under the grey bedding, but this looks so much fun! Wall art collection, made out of different shape frames gives this room such a sophisticated look. 

white children room
child room with a splash of colours
grey of yellow in a child room
teener room
Sophisticated child room with a strong colours of blue and yellow

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