Friday, 12 December 2014

Instagram find - Chloeuberkid

Instagram - Chloeuberkid
rafa-kids r toddler bed - Chloeuberkid - Instagram photo
Chloeuberkid - Instagram photo

Are you already on Instagram?  I have feeling that this social media channel starts to be more important than any other at the moment. I changed my personal Instagram account to Rafa-kids and it feels now much better, since I’m not a person who easily shows pictures from my private life. It looks like Instagram is also a great place for brands and stores and we can find designers, stylists and photographers whose work we admire. Of course there is plenty of personal accounts too. One of my favourite mum on Instagram is stylish Chloe from England.  She is a mum of four kids who manages to create very cheerful, full of humour and style IG place : Chloeuberkid . Thank you Chloe for making me smile, each time I look at your lovely family. 

Instagram - Chloeuberkid
Instagram - Chloeuberkid

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