Friday, 21 November 2014

LEGO brick storage box

LEGO storage Bricks
LEGO storage Bricks

My husband brought a bunch of a new storage boxes for our LEGO lovers boys. Yes, a LEGO storage Bricks ! and you have to believe me, I haven’t seen any so stylish and well made boxes for a long time! I think they will survive a life time. My toddler is over the moon and play with them all the time.  We have selected basic colours : grey, white, black and two tones of blue. They occupy our living room since few days and I really do not mind. I hope that during this weekend my 3 boys, are going to sort out all the lego collection, and put them into this great storage boxes. Pictures are coming!  

LEGO storage boxes for children room
LEGO storage BRICK
LEGO storage
LEGO storage boxes for working space