Thursday, 4 September 2014

metal desk & bench

The Pupitre  La Subtile metal desk for kids
The Pupitre modern desk

I’m really exited about my little trip to m&o in Paris in a few days. 
I’m going as visitor to ‘spy’ what’s going on in the home deco and kids’ world . It’s such an intensive and full of people fair, but a great experience! This smart desk & bench called The Pupitre is from La Subtile and will be probably launched on m&o among other new products from different brands and designers. I really like industrial look and dual function of this furniture. La Subtile is found by Alexandre, Antoine, Benjamin and Frédéric in 2013, they design looks very smart and playful. Big plus for the fresh colour! 

The Pupitre  La Subtile metal desk for kids