Saturday, 12 July 2014

children's rooms with moroccan rugs

children hanger for clothes with moroccan rug

" … The Beni Ourain are a confederation of seventeen Berber tribes that live in the Atlas region of Morocco. The women of the tribe weave these carpets a.k.a. “White Giants” that are known for their distinct brown or black geometric patterns on a primarily cream or white background." 
children room with moroccan rug

I spotted many Maroccan rugs at the M&O a year ago in Paris. I realized then, how popular they are becoming in the Western culture. They give this bohemian vibe to any type of interior so quickly. I like Scandinavian minimalism, monohrom colors in interior deco, so it might be not an easy choice for me to make…but… I really like their soft and nice look in children's rooms! Since the moroccan rugs are of a very good quality, long lasting product, its an investment you could make for many years. I'he never really like rugs which are dedicated only to kids, with childish motifs, so this is very good alternative in my opinion. The black and white ones are absolutely beautiful! 

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vintage desk with colorful rug
niche with bed and colorful rug
child niche with bed and Beni Ourain moroccan rug