Sunday, 22 June 2014

living with children - vtwonen / DIY

living with children - vtwonen / DIY
 1/ floating desk, which is made from a simple board supported by boxes underneath it. 
Space safer!
living with children - vtwonen Fietje Bruijn / Dennis Brandsma
 2/ big and small rooms of kids always need a great storage, 
do it properly and big! not to wide but high closet with many drawers to hide all the treasuries;

Dutch magazine VTwonen latest issue is dedicated to kids.
Yes! I was so exited to get this weekend the July issue. I miss so badly this subject in most of the interior magazines. It looks like children's rooms, can't be stylish , modern and fit to their parents' houses. Why not ? 
Anyway, the first part of the photos I would like to show you are made by stylist Fietje Bruijn and photograph by Dennis Brandsma. No sweet pink for a girl, no blue for a boy, but unisex , dark, lightly mysterious and pretty cool 'camera obscura' . With the idea that all the eye-catchers you can do yourself! 
Let's go! 
diy project for children's room -  Fietje Bruijn / Dennis Brandsma
 3/simple case which is a great storage but also can be a table. 
The lamp is made in 15 minutes - just a basket turned upside down with light fitting! 
DIY desk for children's room from vtwonen
4/ can you see how the little desk was made? It is a simple shelf suspended on a rope.
And what about painting the wall and the furniture in similar colors, to create a calm atmosphere;
diy for children's room from vtwonen
5/ you can just hang a simple stick and make a great personal wall out of it;


  1. It reminds me of the room of your boys! Love the floating desk!

    1. Leyla - thanks fort the " floating" desk ;-) it was flying… I was tired last night when I was putting the post. Yes, there is something, when I saw the big closet it made me smile.

  2. Do you may know where the basket in the third picture is from?

  3. Dear Michele, the basket is from Dutch store Combitex.