Tuesday, 1 April 2014

room for sisters

set of 2 beds  F&A from Rafa-kids

I've noticed that there is many ideas for a single room for a child, 
but what happens if two kids are sharing one space ?
How we can keep it personal for each of them and at the same time create a unity ? 
Today I've made a little mood board for two girls sharing one room. They are sisters in similar age of 6-9 . I think It's good to buy the same big furniture pieces, like beds, storage, desks , and this will give the room a structure. With this good base, we can start to play with small accessories to express each child's personality. I really like this big letter shelves, which immediately personalize a corner of each girl.  We can also hang things above the beds: posters, drawings, dresses that the child likes and make the part of  the room more personal. Different bedding sets for each child, pillows,  will do the work too. Then will be good to devote a part of the room, which will be used 'together' . I've choose a tipi, but it can be a nice siting corner or just open space when the sisters can play ....

Room for sisters with Rafa-kids teener bed

On the collage you will find :

two pictures from Lucille Michieli for milk Magazine nr. 43
 white kabino sideboard - normann copenhagen 
 wall case in the shape of letter - minis 
acapulco chairs
pillows set blue & peach from Merci 
pillows in the shape of rain drop and roe :  
backpacks from herschel 
drop wooden wall hooks - normann copenhagen 
bed linen set nude -  normann copenhagen
tipi - nobodinoz
 girls dress from bobo choses

Room for two kids
2 kids in one room
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