Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Japanese bunk bed

Japanese bunk bed E-KO

Do you know that many Japanese bunk beds systems are build from single bed which are stuck one on another? I found this a fantastic idea! How it looks, that's another story, but at least I find the concept very interesting . I saw many different simple Japanese beds, but this one was one of my favorite. It is a E-ko bed system which is very practical but also has such a nice friendly look. So we have a single toddler bed, and then we have an option to make a loft bed out of it, and use the space under it for an desk, or put another bed for a siblings. The E-ko furniture system has a whitewash finish and the orange ladder ( which we can add in both side of the bed- smart!) give the furniture a nice twist and a very children friendly character. 

Japanese single bed E-KO

Japanese toddler single bed E-KO

Japanese bed set E-KO

Japanese bunk bed E-KO

E-ko loft bed with the desk 
Japanese bunk bed with the desk