Monday 13 May 2013

Lille Nord magazine

I have to be honest and say there is not many children orientated e-magazines that I like. Most of them focus on fashion and are not much interested to present some modern ideas to decorate children's room.  
The scandinavian Lille Nord magazine is a big exception. It is very inspiring, full with great DIY projects and interesting children's rooms. The bold and minimalist Danish style is so present and speaks to me. I really like the DIY paper masks - you can see all the tutorial inside the magazine here : Lille Nord. 

Chlo├ęs room is so cosy but with minimalist scandinavian touch ( hay boxes, bobochoses rug on the wall, Japanese balloons) . The credits for this room goes to mimiscircus , so I guess its a room of the daughter of the owner of this very nice children shop. Pity there is no single word about it! I'm a fan of the beautiful we do wood desk, finding its place in the room. Please have a look at all magazine :  Lille Nord