Saturday, 29 December 2012

Rafa-kids Year 2012 - Thank you!

The year 2012 is going to end soon. When I look back I know I will not forget it so fast. We launched our children furniture brand Rafa-kids in April. Started with no big expectations. With only our own savings and a lot of production problems. There were many though moments, but we tried to believe in our design and carry on. After 8 months, there are kids around Europe sleeping in our beds, our design was published in magazines, there are shops carrying our brand and we got a design award! We are proud and overwhelmed.  We already look to future new designs and plans, which I can't wait to share with you in 2013. 

We would not be here without great people who helped us on the way.

I would like to thank you, Deborah
from Kickcan&Concers. You are really the first one, who noticed me in the virtual world and supported ever since. You are a real believer and I'm so glad we have you here, the blogging world would be so empty without you!  
I would like to thank you, Asia,
 from kavkadesign. We started 2012 on your blog where you invited us to show our house

I would like to thank Bert Karel and Greetje 
who gave us a lot of time and support, discussed the design and made the project better and real. 
We are so happy your sons are the owners of the prototype F&R set made in January 2012. 

I would like to thank you AnnaMarie and Tekke
for opening your house for us to make our first photo shoot also in January 2012. 
Your twins spontaneously became part of the whole session. We had so much fun!  

I would like to thank you Eva from Orphan socks, for the trust and patience! 
and Agnieszka from z potrzebypiekna for the time to listen my problems and complains. 
You always have such a good energy to give in difficult moments. 

Without your support we wouldn't be here!  Here are the ones I know of: rafa-kids -metion 
Thank you so much! 

I would like to thank you Valerie from Serendipity shop in Paris
This place is so special and I still can't believe we are standing in they showroom. 
Thank you for all your effort and work you did for us this year. 
I would also like to thank Carl from Toyella, for your passion and commitment to carry on with us. 

Thank all of you who trusted us and got our beds for your kids! 
Its a great feeling which gives us such a positive kick.

I just had to share all this with you, my dear readers. Now I can relax and plan the 2013 ;-) 
Thank you for staying with me on this blog. 
All the best for you from Agata & Arek


  1. This is such a lovely post to end the year on.
    Good manners are so important and are often lacking in the online world, I think. So, thank you for your thank-yous xx

    You both deserve the success that has come to you through sheer hardwork, talent and determination. I'm sure the best is yet to come!

  2. wyglada na to, ze 2012 byl dla Was dobrym Rokiem ;) zycze Wam, zeby 2013 tez sie sprawil i byl dla Was szczodry. Pozdrawiam

    1. Bardzo dziekujemy i zyczymy tez naj naj 2013!

  3. Gratuluje sukcesow! Mysle, ze ludzie tak uzdolneni byli na niego skazani. Podziwiam determinacje, konsekwencje i odwage. Zdobyliscie rynek tak trudnym produktem! Blog przeczytalam "od deski do deski". Zycze dalszych sukcesow.

  4. Kasiu, bardzo dziekujemy za takie wyjatkowe slowa!

  5. Nie chcę, żeby to zabrzmiało tak banalnie, ale myślę że możesz być z was dumna! To naprawdę duży sukces. a przede wszystkim wasze konsekwentna i ciężka praca. Pozdrawiamy i życzymy, aby następny rok był tak samo dobry lub jeszcze lepszy!

    1. Dziekuje Agnieszko. Zdecydowanie, to byl ciezki i pracowity rok, ale z efektow jestesmy bardzo dumni. Serdeczne pozdrowienia w Nowym Roku!

  6. Coz za przepiekny post! Z cala pewnoscia stwierdzenie ze jestesmy z was dumni jest najbardziej trafne! amazing work, truly inspirational. Czuje sie naladowana pozytywna energia!
    Co tez sie kryje za rogiem dla was.... powodzenia i wielkie dzieki za twoje wsparcie Agata! Wszystkiego inspirujacego w 2013!

    1. Monika! Wspanialego i inspirujacego 2013! Tez jestem ciekawa co tez nam znow zycie przyniesie ;-)

  7. Congratulations! Your perseverance, great talent were just a part of the great designer that you are :).

    1. Thank you Shantal for the warm words, it give a good energy to keep going.

  8. Congratulations - what a brilliant year it has been for you! I love visiting your blog for inspiration (and recipes ; )

    1. hello Ursula, I'm very glad to welcome you here any time you want ;-)