Monday, 28 November 2011

Wintermarket by Mikodesign

I'm so lucky to live just few streets next to Erika, the owner of the Mikodesign. It is a small label making exclusive hand made products. You should definitely have a look here : Mikodesign.
At her house, in the heart of Rotterdam, she organized a wintermarket where you can see and buy unique gifts for Christmas. What is also so special  - her two daughters ( 10 end 8 years old) are selling their own products too! In the girls garden house they made little coffee with warm chocolate milk and some cookies and muffins. My son enjoyed his lollipop but unfortunately lost in football! Yes, Sofia is not only creative girl in her sawing world but she is also great football player! ;-)  We got great evening and it was pleasant to be so warm welcomed and see the special products made by Mikodesign. 


  1. It looks like a great wintermarket! I love Erika's dolls and I would have loved to be there yesterday!

    I just visited your blog, it's lovely. Unfortunately I'm running out of time now, but I'll definitely come back :)

    Have a nice evening and feel welcome to visit me :)

  2. Found you through Mikodesign. Nice reportage from the market. Greetings from Warsaw.
    I will follow you.

  3. Anabelle - Welcome!

    Zosiu - Witam serdecznie i pozdrawiam z Rotterdamu!

  4. Such a nice place and the hand-made products! Lucky you to live nearby!