Sunday, 30 October 2011

DDW design loves kids expo - Eindhoven

This weekend I was so happy to join the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. It is an amazing event which involves all the city. The October sun was there and great, inspiring atmosphere too! Where could I start? I did in Hal-2 on Hallenweg 1&2 with a small exhibition " kids love design" . What a pleasure to watch all the classic small chairs for children designed by famous names. I really like the way this exhibition was made with a graphic touch. My good old favorite chair designed by Thonet which I used to have at home and which I don't mind to have in the "grown up" version. The beautiful Denish Kristian Vedel chair and Keith Hartig - "Rocker " make me always smile. At the end a small competition - and the price was Bronto chair from Richard Hutten - what did kids have to do? Of course - Design a chair! Fold a special paper and decorate it!