Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Collect furniture – Danish design for children

What a great boy's room from Denmark! It is always a chalange to design a small room. The big bed above, the cupboard under, nice shelfs under the stairs, and there is still space to play! The project was made by Danish company Collect furniture, and made by kbhsnedker. They are making amazing kichens and other house furniture. Just check the craftsmanship! here :www.kbhsnedkeri.dk
COLLECT furniture is a young Danish company focusing on furniture for children. The same company also designed the chair/table to see on the photo. Their new design for a bed will be launched in 2012. For more great furniture have a look here : www.collectfurniture.dk


  1. I'd seen this fab space before and loved it but didn't know who was behind the craftmanship-- thanks for sharing!

  2. Dear blogger,

    We just saw this amazing photo of that dunk bed.
    We are a magazine from germany and we are planning a column of dunk beds in our next issue.

    We would like to use this photo with the boy at the drums in our magazine. Is it possible to get this picture for print by the end of november?

    Kind regards,


  3. Marah, please contact me via e-mail. Agata

  4. who makes the bedding? (brown flowers)