Sunday, 3 July 2011

Places – Kleine Fabriek Amsterdam /2011/part 1

In the sunny Sunday, Kleine Fabriek in Amsterdam RAI, was pact with fashion kids lovers. Actually I’m not really a fashion girl, but inspiring colours and trends are on my way, sometimes. “ …With a beautiful range of 260 baby-, children- and teen fashion labels, 40 shoe brands and over 80 home & gift labels, you can count on a diverse and inspiring fair. “ I notice some brands from the Netherland, France, England, Sweden, Denmark, Spain - I will show you just few, which I like.

kids case it’s not a new brand.  It was founded in 2000 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, by Jacqueline van Nieuwkerk (design) and marketer Merel Verbrugge (sales & publicity), and has a great success. They call it “Comfortable, wearable, sophisticated, radiating style and cool chic. “Super high quality of materials, and I really like the simple, natural look of the kids, playing with this super comfortable clothes.

Design Heroes, it is also a Dutch brand, being really, really busy, on the fair. It was difficult to see something. But the concept of this brand is to create kid’s clothing collections based on the illustrations of several Dutch designers.Tata, Issued, Kunstboer, Loeke Look.

Tomorrow something from France….