Sunday, 29 March 2015

grey wall in children’s room

grey paint
grey wall paper
vividgrey linnen collection for kids
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grey in children room - photo weekdaycarnival instagram account
child room decorate with tones of grey, yellow and red

I was trying to prepare this post about grey color in children's rooms for weeks…
I find it  a bit difficult, since grey has so many different tones and forms, depending of material, texture and context. It’s also one of my very favourite color which makes it hard to show you just few examples. 

I will start with rooms where painted grey wall is a main element to built an atmosphere. A grey wall in a child's room, especially behind the bed, will make the room immediately cosy and elegant at the same time. You can than add some reach textures of linnen or wool,  prints on fabrics, graphic and accessories. The grey can take it all! It will stay in the background and at the same time will keep it all together. If you find it a bit to much to stay only in monochrome colors, you can easily add a touch of pink , neon or yellow. Grey matches beautifully blue and green or red accents. 
Do you know any other, so perfect, neutral color to play with ?

grey bunk bed with a lot of storage
child room with grey and natural elements
girl room with grey and delicate pink

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