Monday 9 March 2015

children room's with plants

swing in a child's room
modern house with playing child
plant in hand

I went into my children’s rooms moodboard on Pinterest in search of inspiration for putting plants into kids’ space. There was not even one room I could find with plants! I start wondering, how is that possible?  It’s such a great, living element we could not only watch and decorate with, but we can also learn kids to take care of.  Why they are hardly ever on the pictures ? Do you put plants into kids’ rooms ? 

We had such a sunny last weekend in Rotterdam. Inspired by beautiful nature which is just about to wake up, I decided to start a little plant collection with my boys at home. I think it’s a great activity for kids, to observe plants grown. I absolutely love the idea of putting bulbs into transparent container with stones and watching the changes that take place over the time. I will show you more soon! 

room for two children
terrarium project for kids
planting a bulb project for kids
plants collection next to the window
How about starting a little plant collection with your kids ? 
child room with touch of plants
handing plants system
Great idea to hang plants in kids’ rooms if they are small. 
big plant in a nursery room
colourful child room with plant

On the picture’s some ideas how you can add plants into kids space : 
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