Monday, 25 November 2013

let's play under Rafa-kids bunk bed !

Bunk bed dark chocolate from Rafa-kids

Forget the time, when a bed needed to be standing in the corner of the child's room! 
We are putting Rafa-kids F bunk bed in the middle of the space and create a playful, cosy and fun room to use. Don't you think that the space under bunk bed is perfect to play and create your child's magic world ? It's not only pleasant to look at, it's actually so great to put it in action! 

And yes, we are a parents of two boys, and  they love cars, and they love to play on the floor a lot and use pillows to make fights!  The dark bed can be actually a very cosy and nice background for all the toys we have in a child's room! 

 Rafa-kids Bunk bed dark chocolate - Let's play under the bed!
Boy room with bunk bed dark chocolate from Rafa-kids
boy room with red&gray and dark chocolate bed from Rafa-kids
When you look at my mood board: 
To create this space I wanted to paint one wall in gray color, to calm a bit the dark tone of the bed. Then I used red accents to make it playful. A lot of different pillows, black&white ones to make it a bit graphic. Favorite poster, some boxes for storage and a lot of space to play!  Our boys didn't want to leave the studio when they saw what we made for them, with their toys and books! 

Products on the pictures :
2. Red box/ case - Loods 5 / Sliedrecht
3. Black lamp - Loods 5 / Sliedrecht
4. Carpets - IKEA
5 . Pillows: black with white circle - Volt , red/black/stripes - hand made ;-) 
6 . All accessories & poster from our boys' room